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Baby Boomer Welcome

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Make A Difference In A Child's Life!  We donate photo dolls to children of active deployed military parents!

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Baby Boomers YOU asked For it!
Your wish is MY command!!!

Thanks for watching us grow! I've enjoyed reading all of the responses to our survey.  Took me a while to get through it all and you can read more about what you asked for  HERE

There are many goals and objectives to the re-vamping of Baby Boomer Bash.

Thanks to all contributors for great suggestions and content to fill the pages of our web site!

Many topics still under construction and there is plentiful room for your attitudes, opinions and feedback.  This is our opportunity to philosophize, theorize, rant and rave and solve the problems of the world.  Well..... perhaps NOT the problems of the world!

Home and Life:

Parenting Bounce Back Children Decorating Retirement
Grand Parenting Health Fashion Inspiration & Wisdom
Aging Parents Gardening Home Upkeep Volunteer Work
  Leisure Dining Out Cooking In

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Business and Finance:

Topics Included:

The China Connection Down Sized Jobs Investments Savings
Passive Income Self Employment Foreclosures Cleaning UP
Self Publishing Franchise Real Estate Opportunities

Email Topics & Content for Business & Politics HERE



Potential Topics

Conservative Views Liberal Outlook Ten Foot Pole Taxes
Immigration Unintended Consequences Utterly Stupid Your Contributions!

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Business Telecommunications Information Technology Help
Computers Networks Satellite More Help
Email Pleasure VOIP  

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 Guys Gals House & Home Electronics
Gadget Freaks Fashion & Accessories Love It - Hate That!  

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Fun and Games

Computer Games
Solitaire or Life
Video Games
Beyond Ms PacMan
On Line Gaming
Lose All Your Money
Hilarious Jokes Outrageous Stuff    

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Book Reviews Baby Boomer Authors Self Publishing  

Email Topics and Content for Fiction HERE

Your stories about ANY of these topics are most welcome!  We'd LOVE your suggestions for NEW topics as well!  We'll collect them, consolidate and publish.  No real names or people are used so fear not.  We'll protect your privacy and anonymity. Site Inquiry

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