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Baby Boomer Survey Results and Other Good Stuff!

NOTE:  Original survey billed as 'completely unscientific' collection of information to be used for curious understanding and loose dissemination.
Baby Boomer Bash claims NO academic or legal authority to collect and interpret information in any unbiased or neutral position.
Most opinions expressed in these results are compressed compilations of survey results and other submissions.
For ease of attention span strain, some survey results are seriously edited for brevity and really bad cuss words.

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Baby Boomer Survey Results Table of Contents

Please Scroll down past the advertising and begging and move forward on topics listed below.

1.  What is a Baby Boomer?  Who are We?

2.  The ME Generation

3.  Disposable Income

4.  Social Conscience



Please Scroll down past the advertising and begging and move forward on topics listed above.



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