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Love It - Hate That

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  Baby Boomers are the same as everyone else, just older.  Our survey says we love it and we hate it. Not so much middle ground as in 'I hate this but it isn't so bad when... "

We were raised to understand that 'hate' is a strong emotion best left directed at communists, socialists and government agencies.  We grew up in the "Make Love Not War" era of history.  That would be history of the last century.

Never the less we carry on like a bunch of old women at a buffet lunch about anything you can imagine.

This section features some baby boomer love - hate writings.  Some have a 'point-counterpoint' setup.  All submissions are happily peer reviewed for publication.  We can go for doubling up on topics as well. 

At this time, there isn't a section of proposed topics.  The links below are posted contributions in the category of Love It - Hate That!

Love It - Hate That

Spelling and Grammar
I have many stories to tell but first I want to put something to rest. There have been complaints that I am a bad speller. I'll admit...continued... here

Satellite Internet
One might think that there could be an intellectual discourse about alternative internet providers. Not so sure about that any more.....  continued here


Arithmetic and Math
You could put a gun to my head right now and I could not tell you what 9 x 8 is.  Heck I probably can't even tell you the correct answer to the following animated math problem.... continued ..... here



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