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Time for some serious conversation topics.

We are entering our golden years with choices and more than a few conundrums.  Perchance egos will never permit us to admit confusion, frustration and more than a little fear.

Companionship Cooperative is under development.  Our purpose is to provide employment and services to baby boomers as we struggle to care for our elder relations and plan for our own elder care. 

Your help is needed as we admit to more than a little confusion about what our generation really wants and needs.  More importantly, what are our expectations for our dotage?  Will we even have a dotage?

Twenty first century health care will see us living longer and healthier.  What are we going to do with that time?   Sure.... this 'time' is still a few years off, but we are worried about our parents, aunts and uncles.  How do we maintain and enhance their quality of life?

We need your help.  We are forming a limited liability cooperative partnership with the goal of determining what our generation is doing, where we are going, why we want what we want and how are we going to get there?


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Your stories  are welcome!  We'll collect them, consolidate and publish.  No real names or people are used so fear not.  We'll protect your privacy and anonymity.




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