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The China Connection
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The China Connection is an incredible, vast, interesting and often frustrating new source of commodities and consumer products.  From electronics to baby booties you can find it all made for you in China.

Many entrepreneurs are making good with re-selling commodities on E-Bay and other auction sites such as Yahoo and more.   Pretty much only requires a computer, space for shipping work and a pretty sophisticated knowledge-ability & presence in the on line auction world.  Be forewarned however..... enterprising China entrepreneurs are competing for the direct front line customer market.  An example of this:

 Others, like me have set up web sites for shopping.
 I liked this adventure for a while but not so much for me long term. 

 Pitfalls or black holes:

 There are many challenges fighting for prominence in the attempt to do business with Chinese companies.

The cultural perspective and language barrier.

 One must exercise very good patience and good manners when communicating with Chinese companies.  All communications must include compliments, platitudes and wishes for good fortune and long profitable relationships. 

Many Chinese businesses use translation software that often doesn't quite 'get it'.  By 'get it', I mean that your perspective of what you are trying to say is translated slightly (or majorly) different in tone, temperament, intention, purpose and conclusions.

A Current Events Sample.

 A huge world renowned toy manufacturer decides to move production to China.  From the MBA – bean counting perspective, it makes perfect sense.  Get cheaper products and provide good standard of income and living to emerging independent Chinese factory workers.

 Somewhere along the line it all fell apart.  Perhaps the supply chain broke down and the paint provider accidentally sent the wrong paint.  Perhaps the guard was let down (in the spirit of mutual trust and admiration)  and inspections weren't done well or with sufficient intensity. The on site American management may have dropped the ball or couldn't find the ball.  I'm betting they didn't even know there WAS a ball!

 Here is where the hugely expensive big time problem conundrum including recalls comes in.  American consumers are furious!!!  Their precious youngsters are eating lead paint! Toy shelves in Wal-Mart are depleted!  Have you tried to buy a child's plastic push mower lately?  None to be had!

 There could be many factors at fault but one must acknowledge a possible scenario involves the delicacy of communications and translations.

 The following scenario is entirely a figment of my overactive rapidly aging imagination.  No offense or insult is intended!!!

To the Chinese toy manufacturer, the term 'lowest possible price' is translated to read 'use cheapest paint'.  This equals lead paint.  Everyone knows this, or should know that.

 The resulting re-call and brouhaha makes me wish I were a mouse in the wall for THAT meeting which probably goes something like this:

 American boss man/lady:  " We told you to use lowest possible price but that did NOT mean for you to use lead based paint".

 Chinese boss man/lady:  "Stupid Americans who let children eat toys they deserve what they get.  No refunds and no returns". .

 Get the picture?

 The Chinese factory actually has a point.  Why do we allow our children to eat lead paint?  How many children actually ATE the toys with lead paint?  More than ten?  Less than a million?

 Over the years I have developed some very friendly relationship with my new Chinese friends.  Don’t do much business with them but do enjoy the communications.  I would have given a lot to be at holiday dinners this week when generations of Chinese hoot and laugh about stupid fat Americans too lazy to teach child not to eat paint.  I can guarant-darn-tee you that it is highly likely that they will NEVER understand!

 I have many more examples of China Connection Communications Faux Pas but it seems like current events tell it all.

Make China Connections WORK for YOU!

I hope you can believe me because I've been there and failed at that. Here’s what you MUST do if you are going to adventure into Chinese Products in any kind of big or small way.

Success in The China Connection can be yours BUT unless you have many years of experience, find a great, knowledgeable, expert and trustworthy partner.

I will share my EXPERT with you.  I've kept him a closely guarded secret but feel now is a good time to let you benefit from his service.

Ron Read of Global Consulting Partners, Inc. has a vast background and experience in the China Connection.  He has successfully brought many products to market on time and under budget.

 He can get your invention produced. He can find your factory or commodity product.  He can get ANY of your China Connection hopes, dreams and frustrations under control and set you on the way to mutual profitability.

 Ron is a babyboomer and life long friend.

Reach him at

Email Ron HERE

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Your stories about The China Connection are welcome!  We'll collect them, consolidate and publish.  No real names or people are used so fear not.  We'll protect your privacy and anonymity.







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