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About Us!

We Are Baby Boomers!  These Pictures Tell It All

Still In Love After All These Many Years

Always Worship At A Beautiful Sunrise

Always Carry a Good Camera

Only Baby Boomers Know What It Feels Like When They First Put That New Baby In Your Arms!

They Grow Tall And Strong And Smart....

And Beautiful!

Sunsets And Loved Ones!

The Greatest Percussionist In the World

Hobbies and Endeavors

We are Baby Boomers.

This web site originated as a result of a conversation with my dear sister-in-law, Ann.  The men-folk in our family were on a weekend bonding retreat.  The womenfolk in our family were at home enjoying unlimited and unfettered use of credit cards.

Ann and I were indulging one of our many hobbies.  Bargain Shopping!  Sniffing them out and bringing them home! 

In the midst of an upscale department store, we caused a mini-retreat of our own.  We were a group of baby boomer women gathered together to scream at the top of our lungs about the lack of adequate fashion for women of substance and means.  Baby Boomers!

The sales clerk (with righteous indignation) told us that fashion buying was geared to the younger market.  We declared that baby boomer women must surely consume a majority in demographical population.  AND, more importantly.. .we have MONEY.  Some of us have LOTS of it!

Ann and I looked at each other with our 'well, damn it all anyway' look.

And Baby Boomer Bash came into being.  It has been a while in the building as life gets in the way.  One of the purposes of Baby Boomer Bash is to experiment with passive income through 'pay per click' ads.


Tell Us About IT!

Home About Us Survey Results Come On In Love It Hate It Karl Clawson


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