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Grand Parenting!

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What topic generates the MOST mail from viewers?  GRAND PARENTING!

Baby Boomers LOVE grand parenting.   Don't think anyone can argue with my less than scientific study, the consensus is JOY!

Grandchildren bring us JOY!  Imagine that?  I can admit I would have never imagined the feeling I had when my first grandchild was placed into my arms.  When news of the second darling came along, I refused to believe that the JOY could be repeated in another child.  Gosh golly be I was surely surprised.  Number two came to my life while I was battling breast cancer.  I was forbidden from hospitals and every other germ hosting environment.  That whole destroyed immune system thing.  When the new baby was finally placed in my arms I cried.  And I don't mean silent dignified tears!  I mean huge snot running hickup-ing blubbering sobs!  sniff sniff nuff said?

The subject of grand parenting has so many dimensions and conversation threads I am in wonderment of myself that I can keep up with them.

Topics Currently On The Table Include:

Bounce Back Kids Angel or Demon? Smart Mouth Brats
Little BITs   Genius Or Idiot?

Please contact us with your grand parenting stories! This site is still under construction and so much MORE from YOU is welcome!

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Your stories  are welcome!  We'll collect them, consolidate and publish.  No real names or people are used so fear not.  We'll protect your privacy and anonymity.


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